Information technology

Specialists and experts in the field of information technology


Specialists and experts in the field of information technology

Our goal is to provide the German market with immigrant software and engineering work force, especially information and communication technology experts.

We strive to minify the burdens of hiring work force from abroad. A special feature of our company is that we offer our services to German companies without requiring any type of fees from them, since our only financial relationship is with the employee.

Our services

Our company has two strategies:

1. The first strategy entails finding the best, most experienced and highly qualified (Bachelor/ Master/ PhD) engineering and software experts. We present the CV and the practical knowledge of the programmer of engineer to the company and try to adapt the offer to the demand

2. Our second strategy entails working according to the headhunter system. We search appropriately to the needs of the company in the specific area. We search for work force either in our company personnel database, which we expanded in years, to find the appropriate customer and gather different information about them, for example completed certificates, experience with different programming languages, experiences with different software or similar. Furthermore, we search for civil engineers and architects as well.

We provide you with the CV and other information about the potential employee and you choose the expert out, with which you want to have a Skype-based interview in English. Each one of our customers have German language certificate level of B1 or B2, as well as an IELTS English certificate.

Our responsibilities:
  • Reception at the airport
  • Finding a suitable accommodation
  • Registration at the town hall
  • Opening a bank account and registering for the German health insurance
  • Providing experienced interpreters for meetings extending the residence permits
  • Customer service for integration in the German culture and society

German language classes with our partner language coach or the Herder-Institute InterDaf will be fully supported financially, in order to provide your company with the appropriate German language level.

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