Work visa

Work visa for engineers


Work visa for engineers

Attracting talent to Germany without having to deposit the bail amount and bank equivalent to an amount equal to 938,30€ * 12 Months
Those who have experience, and the German language, in addition to proficiency in the English language (documented by certificates), we can through our competent cadres and through our contracts with many German companies to secure appropriate work in all areas and specialties.
All you need to do is send a detailed CV that explains all your experiences, in addition to a certificate of German and English languages. Our staff study your file and its suitability for the German job market. After that, you will be contacted and agreed with all the following steps :
  • Amendment of certificates at the amendment center in Bonn
  • A telephone or Skype interview between the two parties to the contract (you and the German company)
  • If the previous step succeeds, and both parties agree to the contract, all necessary documents will be prepared to obtain a visa from the German embassy.

The requested documents to start the search for a work center

• Passport copy

• Signed Curriculum vitae

• Application Form

• All certificates (translated into German and recognized by the Ministry of Justice

• Recognition is needed to be able to work in Germany (if recognition is not available, we will send the documents to the Ministry of Culture in Bonn)

• B1 or B2 is required as a prerequisite for the German language

• IELTS or Tofeel in the English language is also acceptable

• Practical experience (Continuing education, certificates)

Requested documents for the embassy

• Passport copy

• Signed Curriculum vitae

• All certificates (translated into German and recognized by the Ministry of Justice

• B1 or B2 in the German language or IELTS or TOEFL

• Appointment with the message should be printed and taken away

• 2 Biometric passport images

• Police certificate

• Birth Certificate

From the above points, 2 copies must be taken.

130.000 Libanon pounds

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