Study visa

University Admission at the best universities in Germany


University Admission at the best universities in Germany

Visa 16 is a two-year visa that gives the student enough time to get the processing in the appropriate language and to be admitted to the university before starting the course, which can be in German or English.
After receiving the visa, the student receives a three-month stay in Germany from the embassy. Upon arrival, the stay and processing of the papers must be completely renewed so that the student can stay for two years.

To obtain a visa, the student must have a B1 level or a B1 level placement test in German from the Goethe-Institut or a TOEFL level in English, which is necessary to complete all the necessary procedures for preparing the papers kick off

What does a student need to study in Germany?

Every Bachelor or Master student needs a university admission + language admission + a closed bank account (938,30€ * 12 month), which is renewed every year to extend the visa or instead of a student sponsor in Germany.

The language level required at all German universities to found a student is C1 level and must be A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 before October 1st of each year, including the beginning of the first semester for the subject areas German universities.

Since the application for pre-admission in Germany is 5/15, the registration must be received on July 15 or December 15 to receive an oral admission in 2/15, which depends on the level of language B1, so we ensure that you have a university entrance qualification with the admission the language of universities, you have no specific time to classify applications and are untitled in the language to get to Germany as quickly as possible, regardless of its level in English

To open a bank account, we need a copy of the passport just to open a closed account for the student within 3 days and then the student will transfer the required amount (8,650 euros) and within 3 days the bank will receive the necessary one Confirmation for embassy to get the visa

The requested documents for the embassy

1- copy of the passport

2-Abitur certificate


4-Registration of the German course

5-blocked account

6-date of the German embassy

7-polio vaccine

8-signed resume

9-filled application

10 motivation writing

11- mediation

12-Two pass photo

13-Police certificate of good conduct

14 Birth Certificate

From the above mentioned points, 2 copies have to be certified and translated into German

£ 130,000 in Lebanon

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Our service for students after receiving the visa

• Bachelor's or Master's admission to the university as soon as possible.

• Registration with a language school with accompaniment

• Open blocked account at Sparkasse Leipzig

• Finding accommodation and hotel reservations

• Health insurance

• Make an appointment with the immigration office to extend the visa

• Airport pick up

• Application to Uni Assist Berlin with certified documents

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